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In week six of my Growth Marketing Scholarship by the CXL Institute, I went through the following courses:

  • Product Messaging
  • Email Marketing

Here’s everything I learned:

What’s the structure of a home page?

  • UVP — Outcome/result your customer wants + unique quality of your product.
  • Motivation — the problems of your target audience.
  • Value- the qualities that make your product better than everyone else is.
  • Anxiety — address uncertainties, objections, perceived risks.
  • CTA — motivate the user to buy your product.

Where can we get ideas about the copy?

  • Surveys / Polls.
  • Online Reviews.
  • Remote User Tests.
  • 1-on-1 Interviews.


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In my fifth week of going through the CXL Institute Growth Marketing Scholarship, I watched the following courses:

  • Landing page optimization.
  • Product messaging

Here’s everything I learned during the week.

For those who don’t know, a landing page is a page where people land on after clicking your ad. The only goal of a landing page is to shorten the journey from click to conversion.

It follows up the promises that you made in the ad.

Here’s what a good landing page does:

  • Answer questions.
  • Reinforce motivation.
  • Address barriers.

To create a good landing page, you need to start with…

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I got bored with the A/B testing course, and I moved on something a little bit more interesting — landing page optimization.

Let’s see what I have learned during my 4th week of the Growth Marketing Scholarship by the CXL Institute.

Before we go deep into this lesson, let’s me first explain what a landing page is. A landing page is a page where (you guessed it) users can land on after they have clicked your ad. It’s a page that works independently on the site, and it’s focused on a conversion goal.

The landing page shortens the journey from…

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In the 3rd week of my CXL scholarship, I started the A/B testing mastery course.

Here I learned about:

  • The value of A/B testing.
  • The ROAR model for deciding when to run A/B tests.
  • Key Performance Indicators.
  • The FACT and ACT research model.
  • The 6V Conversion Canvas for conducting research.

Let’s get right into the goodies.

A/B testing helps you make better, more well-thought and trustworthy decisions.

If you have a business and you want to get valuable insights about your audience, you should do research using A/B tests.

“But Tanyo how much data do I need to run A/B…

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Week 2 of my minidegree scholarship was all about research.

In this article, I’m going to summarize everything I learned during the week.

Let’s start with the XL research model.

1. The Research XL Model

Step 1: Heuristic Analysis

It’s an experience-based review of your website.

You have to analyze each page in four different categories:

  • Clarity
  • Friction
  • Anxiety
  • Distraction

Step 2: Technical Analysis

It consists of cross-browser/device testing, speed analysis, bug fixing.

Step 3: Digital Analysis

It involves:

  • Identifying drop-off points.
  • Correlating behaviours with outcomes.
  • Measuring everything that needs to be measured to verify the data.

Step 4: Qualitative…

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Last week, I applied for the CXL scholarship program for Growth Marketing, because I want to improve my skills not only as a copywriter but as an overall digital marketer.

I chose that minidegree because it’s the most comprehensive course I have seen with over 111 hours worth of content.

I sent my credentials without having high expectations. But, last Saturday, I received an email of CXL confirming that I was accepted as part of the program.

Each week, I have to write one article describing what I have learned during that week. …

The more you do, the more you CAN do.

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This post is for people who want to:

  • Improve Their Creativity
  • Increase Their Productivity
  • Fulfill Their Potential

At the end of last year, it was crystal clear to me that I had to improve. It was another year in which I didn’t reach my goals.

Did that ever happen to you?

I was moving, but I wasn’t improving.

I decided that I had to change the approach. I wanted to build a routine and habits that will enable me to smash my goals. Something that would make me feel that I was moving the needle in the right direction.


Let’s talk about commitment.

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Three years ago, I was just finishing high-school, and I have been out of shape. I have trained in the past, but I was never consistent.

I tried a variety of different sports — badminton, kick-box, mixed martial arts, fitness, football, basketball but nothing really stuck.

I trained basketball the most, for one year and then I gave up.

However, I came to a point where I was just tired of starting over. It exhausted me because each time I started, I told myself that this time would be it. …

This is the best purchase under $5 that I’ve ever made.

I watched plenty of Jordan Peterson’s videos in the last couple of weeks. I’m a big fan of his, and every time he says something, I listen.

And he talked a lot about Tolstoy.

I don’t remember what exactly he said that made me go out and buy “Confessions.”

Maybe it’s the fact that it is a short book (only 100 pages long) and can read it in one day.

And I can tell you that it was worth it.

I struggled a lot with nihilism, the idea that life essentially has no meaning because one day, all that you…

I love warm.

Source: The Shining

I was born in June, so naturally, I love heat more than cold.

I’m one of those guys who enjoys winter and the snowy weather but hates feeling cold.

Until recently…

I was familiar with the concept of cold exposure a long time ago.

For those of you who don’t know cold exposure is the process of gradually exposing your body to colder and colder conditions.

You can do this by cold showering, running in cold temperatures and so on.

It sounds hard and to be frank, it is.

However, the benefits make it worth the while.

Tanyo Gochev

I write articles about business, marketing, philosophy and books.

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